You Matter.

Kick that 'me-time' up a notch. Put yourself first and indulge in only the purest, most natural ingredients. Just like you deserve.

Natural, effective, sustainable—all in one. Why settle for anything less?

In an industry full of short-cutters and toxic products Usio™ is all-natural, we’re here to just be straight up about things. We call a pit a pit, a rose a rose, and we don't mess around with questionable ingredients.

No aluminum.
No parabens.
No harsh chemicals.
No duh.

Reading ingredient lists shouldn’t require a pHD in chemistry. We make safe, eco-friendly products – with stuff you can find in your kitchen. If you can’t pronounce it, we don’t use it.

Customers love Usio™.

Hundreds of Reviews

Amazing product - absolutely love the taste and the extra energy it provides.

David H.

This is so good. I put it in my morning routine. I love it!

Crystal L.

This product makes sense and works what else do you need to know.

Karen W.

Love the Earth.

Simple, effective, and sustainable—that's Usio®. We believe in a holistic approach to beauty, health and well-being, focusing on the whole person to flourish inside and out. Our product philosophy embraces the connection between a healthier mind, stronger body, and more beautiful self.

Love Your Body.

Treat your body with pure, nourishing ingredients and find out what a great day really feels like. 0% chemicals, 100% of the results you want. Usio™ Unleashes a Powerful Adaptogen Blend to Protect and Enhance Life. Adaptogens are herbal pharmaceuticals. They work to counteract the effects of stress in the body. Adaptogens have stimulant properties that help counteract those harmful effects.

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